Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trip to Santa Isabel

We cover our territory every 3 weeks here so it was decided that we would all go to a nearby town to preach in territory that is seldom worked. Santa Isabel has a small congregation and a big need so a bus was arranged and most of our peeps jumped on board with plenty of literature. Because the town is at a lower altitude - it is very tropical and the air much more humid - quite tiring really but a wonderful experience. The people are so nice there - happy to talk and discuss the bible. Of course everybody we talked to took something to read so it was a successful day for everyone. I hope we can go back there soon!  

Hats drying in the sun - interesting sight

The locals must have thought they had an invasion of Gringos when they saw us coming

Louisa - visiting here from England enjoying a welcome rest

Glad we didn't have to walk up that track on the otherside of the valley
Somebody had a tough day!


The Crazy's said...

great pictures, love the new layout of large pictures. Looks like a great day out. Must chat on skype soon what time NZ are you normally on ??

The Kinlocher's said...

awww poor mark. Looks like it was a good day all round. Well done you lot!

Carol :) said...

Amazing place to go out in field. I am so envious. Welcome to your new friends.

Flavio said...

Hello from Florida brothers! We've been reading your blog, which has been very encouraging. The desire we have to serve there in Ecuador has increased with the reading of your blog.

We have plans of visiting in February. We are first going to Sucua to enjoy service with a special pioneer family and then Cuenca to attend the Quichua convention. We would love to get in contact with you to stop by and visit.

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Hola Flavio
Sorry to take so long to reply to your comment - I have only just found it.
We would love to meet with you or maybe you could come over for dinner one night.