Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dia Libre

Today all of Ecuador has shut up shop and stayed indoors because they are doing a census. It is a law that you stay inside your house from 7 am - 5 pm so that someone can come around and ask you the questions. Actually they have been very smart and used college kids to do the job - it's their civil duty so they have to pay them! All religious meetings or activities are cancelled so we have a great excuse to take the day off ourselves and veg out! So what have we been doing? Well everyone that knows me understands I have a need to change furniture around occasionally - and I never have time to do it on normal days so our bedroom is having a make over. Mark is cooking us a roast dinner (lunch), Amanda is doing her homework and C & M are busy little beavers too. Of course in between all this work we have found time for a few games of Settlers and maybe later we will watch a movie or two! Yay for the census - will only have to wait 10 years for the next forced day off. I shall look forward to that!


Fred said...

How nice...However- You missed a great watchtower study... PP 13 seamed to many of us to be a new point. That the first stage of the GT would be - 1st christendom would be destroyed and then the rest of Babylon the Great.
Then a little pause with Jesus judges the sheep and Goats
Then the final part of GT

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

It's ok Fred - we actually went to the meeting last night with our old congo - Banos! It was neat to see all our old friends.
Yes it was a good watchtower - que interesante! said...

Me gusta tu blog.