Monday, January 31, 2011

Boys are leaving on a Jetplane - Boo Hoo!

So our 6 weeks with the boys went really fast and we are all feeling a little flat now they have gone! At this moment they will be flying over the Pacific Ocean and by now they will just about be going stir crazy - the poor guys flew from here to Chile - then to Buenos Aires before the epic 13 hours to Australia and then on to Auckland. When they arrive we are told Chase's Mum is picking them up but they face another 4 hours by car before they get to their own beds. I think they worked out they would be travelling for 35 hours. Horrendous!!
Anyway the house is very quiet without them and we don't know what to do with ourselves - Michele cooked an awesome dinner but having been used to cooking for an army - we will be able to eat it for another day or 2 - hehe!
Ok - so when is our next lot of visitors??? The ball is in your court now!!


Chad and Michele said...

Aaron, Cheese and Peneti...
wherever you are we are really missing you! Everything we saw or did today reminded us of you was all in all a truly depressing day....thanks for all the good times and the memories!
We love you guys.... Please come back and visit! Settlers? Prison Break anyone?

Anonymous said...

My name is Petra. I live in the south of Sweden with my husband Joel. We serve in a small congregation in a city called Laholm. In this comment I just wanted to say that I appreciate to read your blog. I have followed it for one year now. (Sorry if my English is not so good). It is very encouraging! Thank you for sharing your Ecuador experiences!

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Petra and Joel - it is very nice to meet you - thank you for writing that comment (and your English is excellent by the way.
We are very fortunate to be in this worldwide family aren't we?
We look forward to meeting you in person one day (if not in this system then definitely in Jehovah's new one.
Gracias y Saludos a todos los Hermanos en Sweden !

Carol :) said...

I am sure Aaron wants to come back just as much as you guys want him back aye. What an awesome time you guys have had. More wonderful memories!! Love to you all. xx

Peneti said...

Hi guys and gals, just letting you know we got home safe and sound! Once again thankyou very much for letting us stay, i enjoyed every minute. I miss you guys so much!!!!! yes thanks for the memories i will never forget! Take care every one and Jah bless. Lataz Peneti

The Kinlocher's said...

oh that was that a sad entry - hope you enjoyed the dinner Michele cooked. good to know the boys got home safe and sound - don't suppose you will be in Tga this weekend Aaron! LOL