Sunday, January 9, 2011


Where's Wally?

The kids at the middle of the world

Can they do it? (Balance an egg on a nail)
Actually Chase could and he got a diploma for his efforts!

Taking a jaunt down the Amazon ( that's a lie but the River we were on does meet with the Amazon River eventually)
Aaron tries to smuggle a monkey out, under his hat!

Chase finds his calling - Monkey Wrestler

That's a long way down there Superman

How you doin?

I think they enjoyed themselves

We had a great time but there is nothing like your own bed! We actually came home a day early as the Devils Nose Train trip was not operating so we decided against spending another night in a hotel room. Especially as you just don't know what you are going to get when it comes to hotel rooms in Ecuador! For the most part they were good but there was one with a distinct smell of urine that we didn't like at all! The highlight of the trip for the kids was the monkeys - we saw them in Tena and Puyo - and they were a lot of fun. Chase and Peneti couldn't get enough of the markets in Otavalo - good job we were only there for a day! White water Rafting was another highlight for them all - how coincidental that there was a group of school girls from NZ on the same trip? Sadly I spent 3 of the days staring at the ceiling of the hotels we were in as my back was giving me gip - actually I would have been staring at the ceiling if it hadn't been for Chase, my hero, who retrieved the suitcase my DVD player was in on one of the bus trips. The driver swore black and blue that we didn't have any more bags and was about to take off when Chase dived in to the luggage department and found the bag on the other side of the bus - I was so happyand relieved! We had some good meals out but the boys have decided never to order steak again in Ecuador as everytime they did, it became a bit of a chew fest. They do excellent pork and chicken here but the beef really does leave a lot to be desired. Of course if you see the way the cows are generally treated here, you can understand why the beef is tough - stressed cows!
Well that is a brief run down of our trip - as I say we had fun but there's no place like home!

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The Kinlocher's said...

great photos great story great to hear from you. Certainly seems like you are all having a great great great time.
Sorry to hear your back not m been good - hope its better now.
Cheeky bus driver probably thought he had scored - good on the kiwi boy!