Monday, May 30, 2011


Celebrating our Anniversary with Chad and Michele filling in for Ryan and Lizi and Fernando for Aaron - Hey but someone is missing - where's Indie? Actually Chad and Michele and Fernando are not really fill-ins they are now fully fledged members in their own rights (not sure if they are really happy about that or not - hehe)

The chef of this very fine establishment

Sure didn't look like this 30 years ago!
Gringo Lunch and not a word of spanish to be heard
Alison, Amanda and Ashley (Alison is in Amanda's chinese group and Ashley is visiting from the States)

Randy, Carey and little Oliver - they have been serving here for quite a number of years then Oliver showed up. Didn't stop this bubbly couple though - they are still pioneering and supporting a congregation about an hour down the road from us.

Mark practices his Grandpa skills with Genesis

The two new sisters in our congregation - Blanca and Carla (mother and daughter)

Me looking pretty exhausted (after a heavy weekend) at the fiesta

Mark once again gets in a little practice with Heidi
(little girls do seem to love him so I am sure he will do fine as a Granpa)

I know, it's been ages right? Sorry about that but I have been pretty busy getting ready for my marathon trip back to NZ. This past weekend has been non stop action atarting with a night out with our little family to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Mark was busy all day with drama practice and cleaning for the assembly day - he made it to dinner but only just! Saturday was our one day assembly - and it was so cold and wet but the happiness of the brothers and sisters made up for it. Sunday came and we had a Gringo lunch organised at our house - so nice to be able to only speak english for an afternoon. That night our congregation alos had a party planned so I dragged my tired body along and had a bit of a dance with the crew - last time I will see my peeps for a month so it was worth it.

Well it's going to take me a grand total of 51 hours from the time I leave the house here in Cuenca until I reach my son and daughter-in-law's digs so I don't think you will be hearing from me for awhile.

Hasta luego todos and cuidate mucho!


scott and annette said...

Happy Anniversary to you.
Have a great time seeing your new granddaughter.

AJ and Jordanne said...

Happy anniversary Mark and Beth!!

Have a great trip back to NZ, and enjoy your new granddaughter!!!


The Kinlocher's said...

oops it was your anniversary - how come you didn't invite your sisters and husbands out for tea too! I sense a celebration while you are home - mark will have to be like "michael" when Sukanya came! Oh that was a terrible night! Perhaps you won't react the same way!!!!

Marisa said...

Slightly belated happy anniversary! Can't wait to see you. Have fun with Indie! xxx