Thursday, October 20, 2011

Para Paola

Paola, one of the girls in the group left us last week to serve in the Quevedo's Chinese group. She plans on being there at least for a year. I'm told its not the prettiest of places but there is a real need. So I made a farewell video for her but I'm not sure if it worked so now its on the blog she will have an opportunity to see it. Sorry about the bad quality, I had some trouble uploading it.

Paola si estás leyendo esto, gracias por todo el apoyo que me has dado,te extraño mucho - nos vemos en la playa!  

Posted by Amanda  

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The Kinlocher's said...

Awh Amanda that was great - I enjoyed seeing you and our many friends - doing not only the real work but also the recreation you enjoy. Maybe you will see me on the beach one day too - when the oil goes away that is!!!