Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Persistence pays off!

I've been wanting to tell you about a study Mark has for awhile - but I was waiting till I got a photo to go along with the story. Sadly the day I did take my camera with me, the rest of the family weren't there so I just have to go with what I've got. Pictured from left to right is Antony, Mark, William, Darwin and Grandma (have no idea what she is called). Usually there are 4 more kids and Darwin's sister hanging around too. When Mark arrives at the door - all you can hear is "El señor, El señor! (The Mister, The Mister) - and all the kids come bowling out the door to hug him - so cute.
Now all in this family seem to have the same problem - a short attention span! Mark has persistently worked with them and now they take turns at reading instead of clamoring to read over each other. Darwin seems to be the biggest kid of them all, so Mark decided to have him sit in on the kids study in the Bible Stories Book, and only do a couple of paragraphs of the BT book each week with him. And the Grandma has been quite difficult (she looks fierce in the photo doesn't she) - coming and going during the study and often making distracting comments. Well for the last couple of studies (they study twice a week), all seems to have changed - Grandma sits quietly, listening, asking appropriate questions and generally behaving herself. Darwin is concentrating more and actually getting through more paragraphs in the book. William though is the greatest joy to see. He just loves what he is learning and sits in rapt attention through both studies. 
The two boys came to the meeting the other night for the first time - (Darwin came the week before and attended the memorial this year) and William asked if he could come again next week. So I take my hat off to Mark for the progress he has made with this lot, hopefully when we leave they will continue progressing.


The Kinlocher's said...

well doen Mark. And yes Grandma does look fierce doesn't she.

Em said...

Wow great experience!

Maureen and Lloyd said...

just caught up on you all looks like you are all doing well and happy doing your best for Jehovah,lovely. Caught up on my bible student after a long lapse and the children greeted us with You have come with your god books you have more god books in your bag havent you Dear grandma looks like a real hard working lady with a heart of gold.