Friday, January 20, 2012


Is the sun setting on our Ecuador Experience?
This week has been a week of decision making and we have made 3 very important ones:

1) I am a complete idiot for breaking my foot - honestly there couldn't be a worse time for this to happen. It is so hot and sticky and this great big boot thingy is making me hotter. Also this house has so many steps and it is such an effort to go anywhere!

2) We have decided to terminate our employment here in the Casa Blanca. Sadly it just isn't for us.

And Number 3) - the biggest decision yet - the end, at least for now, of our Ecuador Experience. We are going home to help Mark's Mum for a bit and we leave on the 4th of April! While we still have goals to  come back some time - we don't really know what the future will bring, so it feels like the end to me. 

So as we are stopping the residency application - we now have land to sell. We are hoping that another Gringo couple will be interested in it, as all the paperwork is nearly completed to have the value raised enough for residency. As you know, that process has taken a long long time, so we think that it may be quite attractive for someone else to be able to use it straight away. 

Life really does throw some curve balls doesn't it? We may have plans all set in motion but they can be swept away in an instant. We are so incredibly happy though that we have had this opportunity and we have learnt so much from it. The biggest lesson which keeps getting hammered into us is that Jehovah will ALWAYS look after us and we have only to leave everything in his hands and things will work out.


Marisa said...

Time and unforseen circumstance, eh. :(

At least we'll get to see you again soon. What are Aaron and Amanda going to do? Hope you manage to sell your land quickly. xxx

The Crazy's said...

Can you stop in brisbane on the way home ? I promise you a great break and I will look after you . Love Nic and Lyndonxxx

mominlebanon said...

We know how difficult that decision was for you to make, and we will definitely miss your blog and your experiences and the connection to Chad & Michele's goings on. But we're greatful for the opportunity to get to know both of you. Whenever you have an opportunity to come to the states, be sure to let us know. We live about 4 hours from any of the Bethel complexes and would love to have you spend time here.

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Oh how we would love to come visit you in the States and then pop on over to Aussie - It was one of my dreams to visit Bethel, while we were in this part of the world. Maybe one day.....

Brendon S MacDonald said...

Decisions are sacrifices.
I feel your pain.
Jehovah will look after you.