Sunday, January 22, 2012

What do the streets look like the morning after the hugest street party ever?

Well I guess - they neatly arranged the empties!
Well I don't actually know cause I have been stuck in Prison for ever (not literally, it just that this house is like a fortress), but if the house across the road is anything to go by - they don't look good! This weekend was the "Opening of the Ñawi Bar" Fiesta - something that only happens 4 times a year here in Puerto Cayo (thank goodness) and it was just crazy! I couldn't go to the meeting last night because there were so many cars lining the streets - there was no way a vehicle could get me close enough to the house, so I had to stay indoors and listen to the blearing music - which went on to, wait for it - 9a.m this morning!! I am told that people come from everywhere for this party and all they do is get drunk and act like idiots. Then they sober up for a few hours and head back to wherever they came from. But hey "What Fun" (I am saying that sarcastically BTW)!


The Kinlocher's said...

imagine the headaches!

Marisa said...

Ugh. Nothing like listening to someone else's music all night. Hope you managed to get some sleep!