Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Busy few days

Well we are back in Cuenca with all our worldly goods - thank goodness there are these guys wandering around the bus terminals looking for work - throw them a couple of bucks and they do all the hard work.

Its been a hive of activity since we arrived. First off, and most important, Haircuts! Then Aaron had his first Public Talk in spanish so it was awesome to be able to hear that. Next day - we moved house! Chad and Michele found a house almost the same size as the old one for $100 less a month so we couldn't pass that deal up. I unpacked our suitcases, which is just fantastic because we have been living out of them for  nearly 5 months. Of course I will have to repack in a months time, but it feels good anyway to have drawers and a wardrobe for now.

I have also been to physio a couple of times but before he does any more treatment on me, he wants a second opinion from a specialist - I have that appointment today so I am hoping that he doesn't want to put a pin in my foot or something equally horrible. I had to have a new set of x-rays taken yesterday, 3rd time so far - but here in Cuenca the equipment is a bit more up to date (I'm not sure if I have ever seen anything so old as the one in Manta-it looked like it was out of WWII or something). Anyway at least all the places I have had to go to have been within a bus or taxi ride - I can't imagine having to go up to Manta everyday for physio, it would have been horrendous! Yay for Cuenca!

Update on the foot - Seems that it is now too late to do anything for my foot - it should have been operated on straight away apparently, but now that it in the healing stage, the doc thinks we should wait and see how it goes. If not, then it would have to be broken again and pinned - of course I am quite happy with this news although, if I had seen Xavier (the bone specialist, who happens to be a brother in a neighboring congregation - great aye) earlier, no doubt it would have healed faster. Anyway I am back with a walking stick for two weeks and to carry on with physio - so I will no doubt get yelled at again when crossing the street "Muevete Mumita"


Tom & Elaine Plank said...

hope the diagnosis is good for foot. I know Chad & michelle are happy to have you back.

Carol :) said...

Wow horrible for you!!!! Oh lets hope the physio works and you don't have too much more trouble. You are amazing how much you have gone through :) See you next month. xx