Sunday, February 19, 2012

Carnaval time

It's that time of year again - crazy Carnaval (spelt the spanish way) - where if you go out side you are likely to be pelted with water balloons or drenched with a bucket of water. Here is Puerto Cayo - that's not such a bad thing because it is the hottest time of the year and believe me - it's hot! The streets are packed with people and cruising cars, so this sleepy little town has come to life again. We couldn't believe it when we checked out the beach yesterday - a shanty town has grown up overnight! Also of course they have to have fireworks at midnight so last night sounded like we were in a warzone (most of their fireworks are about noise - not pretty colours). So - one night down - 3 to go!

On a bright note - guess what I did the other day? I went preaching! Shocked you all didn't I? Yep for the first time in 7 weeks, I actually went out with the group. Of course it was a little easier because I was in the Bidencope's car and was able to rest up after each couple of doors - but it felt sooo good! It was nice  to know, I haven't forgotten all my spanish - phew!


Anonymous said...

Wow carnival time looks exciting, glad to see that your foot is on the mend. Previously read that your coming home in April what will we do without all your upbuilding news we love reading..hope to meet you in person when you get back...Shelley Theunissen Welcome Bay Congregation...

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Awh thanks Shelley - yep only a month more and it'll all be over - hard to believe! See you in Tauranga some time :)

Amy Elisa said...

Hello...I apologize for commenting on your blog when you do not even know me.
I came across your blog while trying to find information on the congregation(s) in Cuenca, as my husband and I (along with my adult daughter) are contemplating moving to Cuenca.
I would really appreciate it if you, or someone you know, could get in touch...we have SO many questions!
Thank you!
Amy Oliver
Simpsonville, SC