Friday, February 24, 2012

Last meetings are always so hard...

One last beautiful sunset to send us on our way - 
Thank you Puerto Cayo!

Always manage to find myself a special little girl in every congregation - this is my Puerto Cayo granddaughter - Maritza 

Mark and his possie of fans

Abran - so adorable just had to share his photo with you

Another one bites the dust - last meeting that is. The older I get - the harder it is to say goodbye - I hate it!


ChantalLenee said...

I am soooo going to miss you in Ecuador but hope you will continue to blog... you are a very interesting read. Your blog has always been encouraging and it was certainly one of the catalysts to move us to Spanish. We've had fun sharing your adventures with you. Thank you. Ecuador will never be the same. (On the upside... GRANDBABY!!)

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Awh aren't you nice Chantal - thank you for that comment - it's nice to know we have encouraged others by our adventures. I have had a few people asking me to carry on the blog once we go home - not sure I will have anything interesting to talk about but I may keep it going for a little while longer. Anyway Aaron and Amanda will still be here experiencing Ecuador - so maybe they will be inspired to post once and awhile. Hope you are enjoying your move to spanish by the way :)

Amy Elisa said...

LOVE the pics! Makes me SO impatient to get to Ecuador!