Monday, March 26, 2012

Goodbye again!

Once again we have been thrown another desperdida (farewell party) - how many is that now? Number 50???? Anyway this one was a little different as in they played games, which was quite cute really. In the top photo - we were made to do a presentation, using whatever was handed to us - not an easy thing to do in another language, but I think we held our own - or maybe they were just laughing to humor us! The photo showing Mark with a match burning is a question and answer game - you have to answer the question before the match burns your fingers - nice hah? I had an easy question - name 5 people from the bible, but Mark found it difficult naming 5 different flowers. he found out that no, white rose, red rose, yellow rose etc are not different flowers! He had a few laughs though when he tried cauliflower. Anyway it was good fun but hopefully we won't have anymore goodbye parties for awhile!


Anonymous said...

We were hoping it was not true . . . you are leaving Ecuador. What encouragement your blog has been to us over the past years. Thank You.
Matt & Kathy Holbrook

The Kinlocher's said...

Good idea for a party game.