Saturday, March 17, 2012

Visit from the Coasties!

Just finished a really lovely week (last hor-rah) with our friends from the coast - David and Abbi, Stephanie and Chad. It was a week filled with delicious food, touristy stuff and lots of laughs. While we were out in town one day, we met up with the Kelly's and another sister from the english congregation, so I snapped this shot of them all. While acting as tourists, something we really haven't done in Cuenca before, we found a lot of interesting places (mainly eating places, hehe) so it was nice checking out the city from a different prospective!
Aaron's friend, Joel, arrived too this week so - it's been a busy old household. I suppose I really should try and work out how to fit our lives back into 4 suitcases soon  - countdown has begun!


The Kinlocher's said...

you can do it Beth (and Mark) four suitcases is do-able that is for sure - just give stuff away before hand!

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

I have already started donating stuff everywhere - strange how we accumulated so much stuff in four years!

Carol :) said...

You can do it!!!!! What a lovely photo and I am so pleased you have been able to do some touristy things in Cuenca. Just so you know, my countdown till you come back has started too. Purely selfish on my part though. xx