Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When in Ecuador......

 Aaron's friend, Joel, is here visiting for a couple of weeks and today we went with them for lunch to see him have the ultimate Ecuador experience - eating guinea pig! I was very impressed by his fortitude - he even tried a bit of the brain! (He said later though that maybe he took it too far doing that).

 Also visiting from Canada is Sarah (she is staying with Megan and Britney, who have been here for a couple of years). Obviously, as the photo shows, Sarah was pretty game too - to the disgust of Britney (love the look on her face).

Amanda shows she is an old pro at eating the ratlike creature by breaking off it's paw and chowing down on that!

Something much nicer to eat was Joel's lasagna that he spent hours and hours making for us. The don't have fresh pasta here so he lovingly made the pasta sheets from scratch - believe me it was the best lasagna we had ever tasted! He can come back anytime! (Or to visit us in NZ as the case maybe!)