Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Interview with an oldie but a goodie!

This morning I wasn´t feeling the joy like I was yesterday - Mark went up to the assembly hall and none of the other possee was going out so that meant I would have to walk over to the group by myself and I am afraid it just didn´t happen. I tried but was soon back home again feeling a little lonely. Oh well at least I got to finally put this video together - an interview with my mum. While in NZ I had great plans of interviewing people from our lives but I don´t know where the 6 weeks went - probably too many muffin and coffee breaks! Anyway I hope you enjoy meeting my mother - she is a pretty cool señora!
We are going away tomorrow (oh what a life eh -holiday after holiday) with C & M and the Willis´- we are off to check out Loja and staying at what looks like a pretty cool ¨Resort" I know we have only just got back but if we don´t go now we may not get another chance.


catherine said...

Absolutely lovely proud to be her daughter. Well done Beth we need to have that put onto a DVD.xx

The Planning Manning's said...

What a nice treat Aunty Beth good job! I can see where we all get our good looks from - Grandma looked stunning.

Marisa said...

Grandma is beautiful, isn't she? And she has a lovely smile. :)

That was an awesome video to watch. Thanks for posting it, Aunty Beth! xxx

Lynne said...

Sorry to hear you were feeling a little lonely this morning (it always takes a little while to re-settle again) - but you obviously put the morning to good use!
Very nice video - I could see Mum looking into her memories - nothing wrong with her memory bank!
She still has a pretty good sense of humour too!
Thanks for posting this. Miss you. xx

Lynne said...

p.s have a good holiday - I know you were pretty busy while in NZ so it didn't really count as a holiday! Look forward to seeing pics of Loja.

Chad and Michele said...

Now we know where Beth gets her lovely personality and zeal for Jehovah! Your family should feel very privileged to have such a precious mum! What a good example....

Rebecca McCleskey said...

A very nice interview. What a lovely mum!. You know my Mom and Dad were at the 1958 Convention also with me in my Mum's belly. Perhaps they met. Wouldn't that have been cool? Beth btw you have your mom's smile.

The Crazy's said...

That was very lovely, always thought we have needed to do that, good on you for taking the time. be great for all the great grandkids to see. xx

The Scottys said...

*Awesome beth we are so happy to have faith in our congo,
If we step out of line shes not afraid to give us a good DONGO!
*Her humor is quick and it leaves us with a smile,
her personailty so kind, gentle and mild!
*Can see it reflects on all you girls,
And you have taken this half way across the world!
*we miss you both and so glad we got to spend time with you,
in spanishland we know you are loved by and excellent CREW.
xxx arohanui
*Morning kinlochners