Saturday, March 14, 2009

Special Assembly Day

Here we are at the South Auckland Assembly Hall for the Special Assembly Day entitled "Keep Watching the Ministry...that you Fulfill it!". It was an awesome day, really enjoyed it - quite possibly because it was all in English!! Hehe!
We spent the day with Aaron as it was his circuit so it was neat having time with him. Not so neat was when we got back to his flat and his flatmates where having a bit of a do! No sleep for us but hey that's the chance you take when you stay at a boys flat!
I thought I would post these photos for you to see the assembly hall - a little different to the one in Cuenca eh?
Also I wanted to introduce you to this nice new young sister - Shweta from India. She came to NZ about 7 months ago as she was studying in India but was unable to progress in her home country. Her family is Hindu.Her goal was to get baptized and she realized that yesterday so how cool is that?
Have been thinking of our friends over in Cuenca - they are attending their 2 day assembly and I just heard today that 9 from Banos Congo got baptized. 9 from the whole circuit were baptized here so the ratio is a little better in Ecuador.


Anonymous said...

Hey Marc y Beth. We are looking forward to your return. Only 8 days and you'll be back in "God's country"!!

Gringitos said...

Hey Lisa - wow Doug let you on the computer! We are longing to be back too - can't wait!
Love to everyone!