Thursday, March 26, 2009

We´re back!

Well we made it back - even if it did take 47 hours from the time we left Tauranga till arriving in our apartomento in Cuenca. Of course that did include some sleep time in Guayaquil but not before we had travelled 25 hours with hardly any. For some reason the passengers on the plane were very busy and we would finally drop off and someone would either open the window shade, turn the light on or bump my arm as they walked past. Even Mark only got about 3 hours so that was really different for him. On the plane up from Chile the Junior NZ surfing team were sitting right behind us and could not contain their excitement so sleep was out again. Anyway we had a nice surprise when we got to Guayaquil when Chad and Michele and Chad´s parents were there to meet us. Made it feel like we were coming home.

Talking about home it was difficult to leave the family this time and by the time we made it through the checkpoints (of course after my customery random pat down and explosives check - why do they always pick me?) I was pretty wiped out. However my crazy family made us laugh when they got other people to wave at us and pull funny faces! Had us chuckling again.

We got on the bus at Guayaquil and usually it takes only 4 hours to come to Cuenca but for some reason the bus went the other went the other way so it was a five hour trip - it didn´t matter though we got to see another part of the country. Of course it was raining when we pulled into Cuenca but hey we can cope with anything now that our treats draw is restocked.

I didn´t sleep very well last night and so was in bed till around 10 o´clock (stupid different time zones). We have come out to buy food, use the internet and finally get Mark´s haircut (he refused to pay $20 in NZ and waited for a $2 one). On the way we had the coolest experience - we started a study!! Remember the neighbour that we placed the book with a while ago and Mark had a nice discussion with her before we left - well she was the first person we saw when we stepped out of the building. She told us she loves the book and looks up the scriptures in a small bible that is difficult for her to read. Of course I said we would get her a larger one and she was very happy. Then I suggested that I bring another sister back who speaks better spanish and so an arrangement was made for tomorrow to discuss study options. The thing is she is the mother of the president of the apartments and witnesses have not been able to go in and talk to people in the past so you never know this may be the way Jehovah is opening other doors!


catherine said...

Welcome back Beth and Mark thanks for the posting but it made me sad cause we miss you guys. Well it is a long journey I know but I am sure you feel it was worth it. Look forward to hearing from you again soon and off course there is always .

Rebecca McCleskey said...

So glad you're back. Always enjoy your commentary.

Marcia said...

Thank you for you very encouraging experience thats awsome you started a study with your neighbour! Look forward to hearing more!! lots love Marcia

Kylee said...

Its so weird to think that a few days ago you were sitting by the pool drinking wine now you're in another country starting studies!!! Was so so lovely seeing the two of you. Looking forward to seeing you next year when you come back, and I don't want to hear any of this "MAYBE we'l be back" Uncle Mark!!! :)

luv Kylee xox

Lynne said...

Glad to know you made it safely back - hope you soon catch up on your sleep! Look forward to further blogs!
Miss you. xxx

The Kinlocher's said...

Good blog - look forward to seeing and hearing more from you.
I am starting to get sad now - cause its only hours now till Lynne and Marisa leave! Boo hoo - everyone is leaving me.