Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Work

We have been eased back into the system slowly over the last few days with me going with Michele on Saturday to the study with Luz. When Jonathan, the middle son saw me it was quite cute as the look of regognition came on his face and he rushed to hug me - aaawwwhh! Anyway after the studies Michele was telling Luz that she couldn´t come for 2 weeks and me and my big mouth jumped in and said that I could come. So now I have to take 2 studies without back up - what an egg I am!
On the way home that morning Mark and I stopped in to give Nery, our neighbour, a bible and she invited us up to her apartment. Well after an hour (of intense concentration, I have to say) we had demonstatted how we study and read a number of scriptures to her. Nery said she prayed to God thanking him for sending us. It just shows you that if a person is drawn to the truth, it doesn´t matter that you can´t speak the language properly.
On Sunday we started out at 7 am to meet up with Bernado. He has a study way up the mountain and it took us 2 bus rides to get there. We sat at the entrance to this half constructed house and studied with a couple who have problems with the husbands alcoholism. Every so often the door would open and out would come someone different. I asked later how many children they had and the answer was ¨Bastante¨(lots). She sure was right as in total there were 9 kids and 3 gradchildren. I was able to look inside once or twice and when I said the house was half constructed I should have said quarter constructed - dirt floor no windows etc etc. How very sad! We can only hope Manuel takes the council and gives up his drinking, then no doubt his families lot will be improved.
So off we toddle to another person and this time Bernado says to me that I can take a study with the little girl of the man. I wanted to say "you´re kidding right?" but there was no question about it and I was soon inside trying my best to communicate with this wide eyed child - who must have thought - you´re kidding right!! He he! I gave up before too long as it was really difficult for me and of course her too so I just tried to teach her the fruits of the spirit.
It was a great weekend though and we are very happy to be back into it. We both kind of hope the assembly hall thing doesn´t eventuate as we would be fairly isolated up there and miss out on all the fun!


catherine said...

Great experiences Beth. Although we miss you both we know you are happy. Keep up the good work and keep on blogging your experiences.

Marisa said...

It's quite encouraging for me to read your experiences, Aunty Beth. Keep it up! xxx