Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bit Boring - sorry!

Really not much been happening in this part of the world lately - so sorry there hasn't been any new posts lately!
Amanda and I woke up feeling crook (that's kiwi for sick) this morning so Mark was the only one out doing the good work from our house. We have come to the end of our invites (didn't quite make it round all the territory though) which I am quite glad about. Walking for miles and not being able to stop and talk much is not my idea of fun - it's a work that has got to be done though so we just kept plodding.
Tomorrow we are heading down to Gisborne (about 4 hours drive) to take some furniture down to Ryan. Him and Lizi have moved into their own little house so it will be nice to check out where they are living. Something exciting may happen down there which will mean I have something to blog about - here's hoping!

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