Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feeling Glub!

Poor me - I am feeling a little glub (yes glub cause I can't say glum properly). I had to get one of my wisdom teeth out (ok so enough with the being less wise jokes) the other day and so I am a sore and swollen in the face area. Naturally it couldn't be a straight forward extraction (with it's straight forward price) - no I had to go to an oral surgeon and get the full deal and of course that cost the earth. Which makes me mad because if the tooth had broken just a few months earlier (or for that matter a few months later) - I could have gotten it done in Cuenca at a fraction of the plata! That's probably more the reason I feel so glub!


The Scottys said...

*Feeling for you girl hope we might see you friday nite!!
You need some time out with us sisters!! xxalice

Daniel said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling to good. Hope you are better soon. Amelia and I were talking about you (in a nice way) on the way home from the meeting last night. I told her about the potatoes.

I hope they are all happy too (or have they all been dug up and eaten?)


Chad and Michele said...
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Chad and Michele said...

Ouch! That does not sound fun...what a bummer! Hope you are feeling better soon! PS Many of the brothers and sisters (and your bible students say hello)..particularly Cynthia (Teresa's daughter) and also Jaqueline (your study up the big hill)! I saw Jaqueline yesterday while working the territory...Miss you lots!

Elizabeth NOT in Ecuador said...

Alice - sorry that I didn't make it - hope you had fun!

Daniel - Potato update coming soon - love to Amelia and the rest of your whanau!

C & M - Hola back to all our friends in Cuenca! Looking forward to taking the students back off you when we get back - je je! Hey has Jacqueline and Bernicio been studying at all? Miss you guys!