Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hola World

It's been an interesting few weeks since we have been back. Mark and Amanda have been busy in service most days but I have been stuck at home a lot of the time because of illness. Then last week - while preparing to go out witnessing, I managed to do my back in. However now I think I am back on top of things but who knows what is round the corner (I'm trying to be positive here). 
We have had a couple of WT and PT meetings with the congregation divided and I have to say - I love that there is only around 80 people there. It is so nice to be able to actually talk to everyone - with the congo as a whole, there is sometimes over 200 people attending and it gets difficult even to say hello. Mark has gained more confidence with his spanish and took the WT the other night, the best I have ever heard him. Speaking of gaining more confidence with spanish - it is so nice to be able to hold conversations with my sisters. I may not understand everything they say but I at least don't feel so lost any more. I am also able to make friends with the kids better - being able to ask them questions they actually understand and can reply to is a great help. Most of the kids are so adorable - and you know me with kids - I can't help but love them.
We are looking forward to our convention this weekend (spanish one) and also our big news is - right after the convention we start pioneer school!! We have decided that we may not ever get a chance to do it in english so are going for it. The great thing is Chad and Michele are also going (their 2nd time) and Mark and Becky McLesky as well so I am sure if we get completely lost - they will give us a helping hand. So we will be even more busy for a little while but "having plenty to do in the work of the Lord" is what it's all about eh?


AJ and Jordanne said...

It is sooooooooo awesome that you will be with Andrews and McCleskey's in Pioneer School!!! What a fun group ~ enjoy!!! :o)

AJ and Jordanne said...

P.S. - Hope you're feeling better

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Thanks Jordanne - glad things are settling down for you too.

Tom & Elaine Plank said...

Way to go! you guys are inspiring us to come on down.
looking forward to hearing about "school" afterward.

Clarissa said...

just wanted to let you know I read your blog and enjoy it alot - it is so encouraging to hear your experiences as need greaters.
How nice you get to go to the pioneer school with Chad and Michele!
I wish you Jehovah's blessings and have a great time.

The Kinlocher's said...

so you and Mark, Chad and Michelle as well as Mark and Becky McLesky all together - sounds like trouble - perhaps someone should warn the instructors - they will simply think "Crazy Gringos"!

Glad you are feeling better in the back department - enjoy the school.