Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kichwa Group Graduates!

TThe whole group in their traditional dress

I got to be the representative of C & M's gringo family - so proud of them

Graduation hat
Map of Ideas - everyone worked hard on their projects
Aren't they cute!
We got some good ideas to adapt to our spanish lessons

Mark serving the lunch yesterday

So the Kichwa course has ended and now they are all on their own - I am sure they will all do well. We were privileged to go along the last two days and feed them lunch so we got to know some of the others on the course, which was nice. It has been very full on for Chad and Michele and we haven't seen them much although I think it is going to be that way from now on as we are of course in different congregations. Our house maybe should be called a half-way house for other language learners. Anybody else want to join us?

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