Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not everyone has this in their front yard

One of the reasons we are looking for a new house is because of the construction going on outside our front door. They are making a tunnel to ease traffic and while it is quieter at night with no traffic going past - during the day it is very noisy with all their machinery. Not great when you are having to  be home, sick or wanting to rest up a bit!


ArtfeltDesigns said...

Hi Sis,
Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy following your blog. It is so inspiring! I'm in the mtns of New Hampshire and there's not much (read "none") diversity here. So am living vicariously thru you & your Cuenca experiences. Hoping to go somewhere this winter to have my own experience! Working on Spanish in the meantime.
Your sister,
Linda Struble

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Linda - it is nice to meet you and thank you for your nice comments. Maybe you will find your way down here and we can meet in person!
Saludos mi hermana

Carol :) said...

aaargh- can only imagine the noise you are putting up with- not good if you have a headache!!!!
Happy house hunting.

Marisa said...

Hope you find a new place soon! That must be so annoying. :(