Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments and emails. Third day in and whew - it is hard work! Concentrating all day on the Spanish then coming home and studying for the next day - as I say - WHEW! The first day I decided to write all my notes in English - but that didn't really work so now I am doing everything in Spanish and it is a lot easier to keep on track. Michele was picked to do a demonstration today and I seized the opportunity to be her householder as I can understand her Spanish. And of course Michele was happy because she knew that I would not be able to throw her any curve balls. So we have done our part - we should be let off the hook for any future role plays!
Amanda is being so good to us - instead of having parties all day while we are out she is looking after us by cooking and doing the dishes - we'll keep her on.
So just wanted to let you know how we are getting on - so far even with the hard work - we are really enjoying it - in fact it  really is a privilege to be doing this course - I remember Ryan coming home after his, saying - "Mum you have to go pioneering so you can go to the school"! I now understand why he was so enthusiastic about it and so happy we took his advice!


Aggidio - JoAnn said...

Pioneer school can be mentally exhausting in your own language - let alone one that you are still learning! But no doubt Jehovah and the friends will help you and you will enjoy yet another experience of a lifetime!! Have fun and savor every minute!!!

Anonymous said...

Good going on your HH part. Your hard work will pay off in the field, Jehovah will bless your efforts. Keep up the good work.
Tom & Elaine

Carol :) said...

Woohoo buddies. Congrats on going to Spanish pioneer school. You guys are amazing, what an accomplishment. Now I know why you got Manda to come back with you- a built in housekeeper!!! Keep her on. xx