Friday, October 16, 2009

Customer service - there is none!

Coming from a banking background I am very interested in the banking system here. I know when I worked for the ANZ in NZ it was drummed into us - the customer comes first. Not so here - in fact I think what is drummed into them is to look as grumpy as you possibly can, never make small talk and try to keep your customers waiting in line for as long as possible! If you fill out the deposit slip wrong or have a tiny wee mistake (for instance you write the date wrong and cross it out) you are sent back to the writeup desk and subsequently to the back of the line. Moral of the story - get it right the first time.
Anyway the reason why we were in the bank is because we have decided to renew our visa for another 2 years and we had to deposit the money required  into an account - because we are cancelling our old visa before it runs out - it's a little more expensive (in fact the whole thing has put us back $USD600) but hey at least the wheels are rolling and it is now in Jehovahs hands as to whether we get back here or not.


Kylee said...

Wow!!! Another two years! Exiciting. Lucky Ecuador :)

Sara aka Jasmine said...

That is so exciting that you got the oppurtunity to do that i hope so much that you will have the chance to stay now...that means me and kami will get to see you again when we come out beginning of next year hopefullly...take care :)

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Sara - not quite set in concrete yet - there is a little thing that we need before we can come back - it's called Money! However we are getting prepared with the visa - just in case something good happens!
Kylee - maybe us coming back will mean you can plan a trip over here!