Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is a photo of the attendees at the English Meeting. It is held every first Sunday of the month, as I have probably already told you, and we enjoy it very much. They also have the Congregation Bookstudy and Theocratic School but as yet are not quite big enough to form a congo. However it was announced the other day that they were conducting 10 studies in English as the moment (some of those in the photo's are students) so they are hopeful of further increase.

The girl on the far left hand side, standing, is a new import from the States. Her name is Damaris and she has come to help out in the Chinese field. There is an astounding amount of Chinese people here - 30,000 in Cuenca alone so the field is huge. Mark and I are hoping to talk Amanda into returning with us next year, if it works out, so that she can lend a hand too.

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The Haines Family said...

It's nice to see the pic, can't wait to hear Marks talk next month :)