Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Bit of a wasted day today with me going into town to conduct one of Michele's studies only to find the shop (where the student was) closed up. One thing about the laws here - they are pretty strict with their paper work etc and if you don't comply with whatever they want - they can bang a sticker on the door and you can't trade for 2 weeks or more. Actually this girl is a reactivated witness and it's not so much as a study as a encouragement session and giving a listening ear to all her problems. And believe me problems she has - every week there seems to be another issue. They have been targeted by thieves twice in the shop (that's probably the reason they may not have complied with something - their laptop computer got stolen in one of the robberies), they have had thieves at their house and just two weeks ago her husband was beaten up by 4 men. He had some sort of accident or near accident (one of my problems is getting the story straight - especially when they get emotional when they are telling you a story, they just talk too fast for my brain to pick it all up correctly) and the next thing you know he was being attacked by the people in the other car. And now this! The poor things will be fed up to the gills!
Anyway even though it was a wasted trip for me - it is a beautiful day and I couldn't resist sitting in the park for 1/4 of an hour enjoying an icecream (oops I think I am supposed to be on WW - I'm such a failure!)

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