Sunday, October 11, 2009

Love is in the Air!

First of all a big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Michele's Mum and Dad. I hope you had a great time at your surprise party - I know a lot of plotting and scheming went into it! Looking forward to seeing Michele's photos of the event! This bunch of flowers is for you...
Talking of romance (well we kind of were) - it's been in the air here lately too. The other night we heard terrible singing and looked out the window to see a young chap serenading one of the girls that lives upstairs, from the street below. Apparently that is the done thing here to declare your love in song. I think this guy should have had lessons first though!

We are very excited because we have been invited to the the new assembly hall dedication at the Bethel in Guayaquil. The invitation is open to anyone who has been baptised over 30 years and we are two of just 3 in our congregation. That is at the end of October so looking forward to that privilege. It will be nice to get away for a night too as we have been so flat tack busy since Aaron left. Also as it is on the 31st of Oct - it will take my mind off the fact that I am missing out on 2 special occasions - 1- Ryan and Lizi'z engagement party in NZ and 2 - Aaron's graduation in Australia. Actually it is probably best that we are here and not in NZ because how would I make that choice between my two favorite sons?


mominlebanon said...

Plotting and scheming?!! You haven't been told the half of it! All these days when I thought that Michele was taking a siesta, she was in her closet wrapping silverware and putting a wonderful CD together. We were so surprised! Thank you for the flowers. We hope to thank you in person one of these days.

Marcos y Elizabet said...

We very much hope for that day too - we have so much fun with your daughter and son-in-law so we can just imagine what you guys are like.
Enjoy the rest of your time with them - we can't wait till they return!

Haines of Harmony said...

I am one of those "newbies" coming in February that Dena spoke about, & we too, hope you will be there as well. We almost feel like we know you, having followed your blog since before Bryan & Dena moved to Cuenca. We have enjoyed all your experiences from service, meetings, Kingdom Renovation, Aaron's visit to your exploring the country & their culture. Enjoy your trip home & we hope we will get to meet you both in February.

Marcos y Elizabet said...

Thank you Haines of Harmony - very nice to hear from you.
How's this for confidence - see you in Feb!

Michele said...

The party was amazing and a bunch of fun. Especially for the NYers that got to come as an extra surprise. All that hard work and planning from miles away paid off in the end, regardless of all the stories she had to tell. We got to laugh about them after it was over.

ChantalLenee said...

Dear Haines of Harmony - My family and I are in the early stages of planning to serve as need greaters and would really enjoy reading of your experiences. (Especially my 11 year old daughter. This is the only home she's ever known so she's a little trepidatious.) Is there any way we can view your blog?

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Dear ChantalLenee

This is the address for the Haines family blog

They will be happy for you to "tune"in.
I know things seem a little scary at first - leaving your home but the benefits far outway the sacrifices. You will regret it if you don't do it.
That's my little piece of advice - JDI
xxx Beth

ChantalLenee said...

Excellent advice. It's just a matter of getting it done!