Thursday, October 1, 2009

mmm now that's more like it!

One thing that is wonderful about living here is the fresh vegetables and fruit available. Oh how I love going to the market and scouting round amongst the most delicious looking stuff - sadly we don't get a lot of time to go there and most of the time just go to the supermarket to load up - boring! Just occasionally I have time to try cooking something different - like the plate pictured. Homemade pita bread, Tabbouleh, Hummas and Greek meatballs - no less! The only thing missing was the feta cheese (actually olives were missing but who cares about them?). You can purchase feta cheese here but it is expensive and not that great so we don't bother with it much. I would love to try and make it but finding the rennet and other stuff you would need may be a little hard. They make a very nice queso blanco (white cheese) here and I have just found a recipe so I may try to make that soon. Mark says not to bother and to just go and buy it but really where's the fun in that?


The Scottys said...

YUMMY look so healthy, then it will be home to new zealand to the Greasy Mcds and KFC.

Love your blogs been so busy didn't realise how much reading I have missed. GR8 experinces

The Scottys said...
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