Wednesday, September 30, 2009

mmmm yum!

Sadly my little camera is giving up as you can see by this photo. I am so sad because it has given me some good times! It even won me a trip to Australia once when the bank I worked for in NZ had a video competition. (I came in the top 5 for my creation - Desperate Bank Officers). So you can see why I am troubled about loosing a treasured companion. Anyway I digress - I wanted to show you a picture of this stuff that they sell on just about every street corner. You may think it is icecream but no - it is beaten egg white and sugar - yes like meringue but not cooked. The special ingredient has to be all the bus, car fumes and dust from the street. YUM!

By the way - I do have another camera so I will still get photos to put on the blog - it is just not as convenient as SONYBOY!

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