Sunday, September 6, 2009

Final day

Well we did it - sat through 3 days of pure spanish that is and managed to even take notes. Well I did - poor Mark was on attendant duty so was mostly away from his seat. The drama was just as awesome in spanish - yes it made me cry again - too many of our young friends have been lost to the world back home and I couldn't help but think of them. Also couldn't help thinking about the backdrop we had for our convention here - the picture shows just some of the hills in the background - they are right around us - awe inspiring to me. When they played the new music the other day the clouds parted and the sun streamed down onto the mountains and it was breathtaking.
This is our DO and his wife. She is from California orginally - came here 40 years ago as a missionary and met him. He is from Germany, also a missionary. So they were very interesting to talk to. That is one thing I am so appreciative here - we have met so many different people all with great stories to tell. How very fortunate we are!

PS The peak attendance reached 10,307 today - and 30,000 in Quito. There were lots of people in casual clothes so I am presuming there was a good response to the invitation campaign.


The Haines Family said...

The drama made me cry too, when the mom ran and put her arms around the son when he was moving out! Every parents worst nightmare. Glad we got it in English too, maybe next year we will understand it in Spanish like you did :)

The Kinlocher's said...

excellent report thank you - you guys are certainly seeing so many interesting things - and a bet when the clouds parted and the sun came out your heart skipped a beat - Jehovah certainly was looking down and smiling for sure...