Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where's Wally (oops I mean Mark)

Not hard to spot him really is it?

One thing that really annoys me here is the total disregard the people have for their beautiful country. Rubbish is just thrown on the ground and nobody bats an eyelid. We often see rubbish being thrown out of the window on the buses too - and this is by respectable looking people. This morning I had the opportunity to explain to the little girl, who came with us witnessing, that we should take our candy wrappers home with us and put them into the bin, because Jehovah has given us this beautiful earth to look after. Maybe the information sunk in - who knows!


Lynne said...

It's exactly the same in Fiji - the grass verge on the main road was mowed the other day - and you should have seen the rubbish the grass had been hiding! Such a shame - I am sure it doesn't impress the tourists who come here looking for a bit of "paradise".

The Kinlocher's said...
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The Kinlocher's said...

So is Mark studying with someone or on first call in this pic?

Marcos y Elizabet said...

Yeah - first call work - the ended up not understanding a word he said anyway - a) because of Marks spanish and B) because he was deaf! I thought it was a cute picture though - that house has probably been standing for 100 years and it is made out of mud!

Scott said...


Are you in Cuenca? My husband and I are visiting Ecuador this month and were trying to track down any English groups in Cuenca and Salinas area so we could attend meeeting. Do you have any info?
Thank you,
South Congregation