Saturday, September 5, 2009

Asamblea de Distrito 2009

The crowd becomes a sea of umbrellas as the day progresses
Just home from the 2nd day of the convention and glad there is only one more to go. As you can see by the pictures the sun creeps up the bleachers and let me tell you - it gets very hot. Well I suppose I would be complaining more if it was raining! Anyway there is not as many attending as they had anticipated - with the peak so far being 8,700 - however it is still one of the largest conventions I have ever been to. There is another one in Quito this weekend with 25,000 in attendance - how awesome would that be. I can only imagine the crush trying to get to your seats - it is bad enough here!
Some of the 200 baptized this morning


Sara aka Jasmine said...

I love those pictures! Wow 200 baptized, thats amazing! Thanks for the photos. Enjoy your last day!

John and Cath said...

Lynne kindly shared your blog details with us, and we want to say how encouraging we find your report and photos. As we are stuck home a lot of the time now, with John's poor health, it does our hearts good to hear of your experiences in the field (and elsewhere!)Keep up the good work, Love, Cath & John

The Scottys said...

SUPREMO shows there is still a lot of work to do in Jehovahs organization.
Most encouraging tanx heaps.

Garreth said...

hi folks, thanks for the pix. We had 2600 peak at Auckland 2 with 29 bapt. You are always in our prayers. love, G & L