Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary AJ & Jordanne

This is AJ and Jordanne, a new-ish gringo couple here from the States. It was their 9th anniversary and they were decked out in Toilet Paper finery to celebrate the occasion.
Some of you will recognize the picture in the background and the bar - yep it is our old apartment. AJ and Jordanne now live there. I certainly don't envy them the 3 flights of stairs to get home - of course they are a lot younger than us so it's all well and good.
Anyway congratulations guys on a great 1st party (it is right?) - well done!

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The Kinlocher's said...

very happy looking anniversary couple - congratulations to you both.
PS the bow-tie is very fetching as is the bridal gown. Best wishes for the next 9 years