Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It is about time I introduced you to the newest members of our gringo family. This is Brian and Dena and their daughter Drew. They arrived from Canada just before the english convention and are fitting in very well. Poor things though - I don't envy them this first year here as it is really tough not knowing the language. They have the right attitude though and being a lot younger than us - will surely learn it fast. Anyway we all went to the english meeting on Sunday and of course we enjoyed the association with english speaking brothers. You can see by the photos that it is very warm here at the moment. We are not having the same weather as last year - hardly any rain at all - just sunny clear days. It's very pleasant when you are walking not to have to drag along coats and umbrellas.

So after this photo was taken (I stole it off Dena) - we went out for lunch to a all-you-can eat place. Bad decision! By 7.30 I was feeling very seedy - I had eaten something bad and needless to say I did not have a very good night. Spent yesterday lounging around feeling sorry for myself but today was a much better day. It is 8.30 pm and we have just arrived home from our study with Flora and her brother Carlos. They want us to go back again on Thursday night so it is a real boost to our confidence - that they want to learn from us. I asked Flora if she knew the story of Noah tonight and she said she had read about him in the book I left her the other day for her kids (My book of bible stories) - she said she read most of the book, so I was very happy to hear that. No doubt I will keep you informed as to their progress, lets hope they continue on as they started.


Sara aka Jasmine said...

I am very happy for you that your study has gone so well so far. I sure do hope the progress continues..by the sound of it im sure it will. :) Thank you for all the updates.

The Haines Family said...

It's encouraging to hear you say that we are fitting in, Tanks! :)
It's also encouraging to see how much you and Mark can do in service after just a year, we hope we can do as much next year this time.
Sorry to hear that you got into some bad food :(

ChantalLenee said...

I have very much enjoyed reading your blog. I was sent the link to your wonderful blog from a sister who has just accepted an invitation to serve in Nicaragua with her husband. My husband and I have been considering moving where the need is greater for quite some time. (We did it once a before the babies came and I did once before being married - both times were wonderful experiences.) In fact, we've spent the last 5 years paying off all debt (not even a car payment!) in order to be ready if an opportunity came up. However, we have two children (14 and 11 years) so we just assumed anything this big was out... until I saw the Haines family. What an encouragement. How did they do it?!
Thank you for supplying such a wonderful blog.