Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pioneer School

This week there is a pioneer school happening at our hall. We were invited and declined going to one that was on while Aaron was here but we could have changed it to this one however I am so glad we didn't. You will notice the Scarborough family in the photo (I introduced you to them when they first arrived last year - maybe you remember a blog called Payton's Place?). They are doing really good with their Spanish - especially the kids but Gary says it is really hard to concentrate all day - then go home and do the mountains of study - in Spanish!! I don't think my brain would have been up to it. There will only be one chance for me to attend the school so I really want to do it in English!
However good on them for getting into it - I admire their tenacity!
Yesterday the pioneers from our congregation were invited to go out in the field with the students and I worked with a lovely young lady called Maria. She said she has been in the truth for 10 years along with her mother and grandmother. Seems the grandmother was bothered greatly by the hellfire teaching in the Catholic church so when someone called on her door and taught her the truth - she was very grateful.
We will be working with them again on Friday - returning to the interest found and starting Bible Studies - so hopefully we will be handed over some new studies next week.


The Kinlocher's said...

awwh thats nice - this comment is just to show that I have read your entry. have a good day.

Marcos y Elizabet said...

Thanks Ann - I do like to know that somebody reads my ravings!