Monday, September 28, 2009

Crazy Gringa!

He he - made a bit of a booboo that is quite funny really. In one of my placements last week I talked to a lady waiting to see a Doctor. On Saturday Mark and I were up in the same (ish) area and came across a lady with her kids sitting by a house so I went into my presentation - with the magazines this time. The lady said something that I couldn't understand but it was something about a "librito" (their word for a small book). So I took from that - that she had already been called on that morning by someone with the book. Chatted for a bit, apologized for having 2 calls on the same day and then went on our way.
In the middle of the night I realized who she was and what she was saying - yep it was the lady at the doctors office. Oh dear how embarrassing - she must have thought "what a crazy gringa!" One good thing I suppose is that my brain finally comprehended what was being said to me - even if it did take about 12 hours to do so.
This morning I went back to the 5 studies I started last week - got 3 of them home so that is quite good for here. They were all good calls so I am hopeful they will progress. Problem is we don't really have time for door to door work anymore!


The Kinlocher's said...

so i guess you go home more mentally tired than physically tired these days.....

The Kinlocher's said...
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