Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Empty Nesters once again!

The Ochoa Family - special friends of us all but particularly Chad and Michele and the Willis Family stopped by to say their goodbyes before we went to the airport.
Little Pablo can't bear loosing his friend - Chad.

The kids left today and of course we are all sad to see them go. I know it is only for 2 months but still - the place is too quiet without them.
Their original plans were to leave for good - having exhausted all their options for staying here but things worked out that they could come back. So I am clinging on to that fact - it may happen for us too!

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Sara aka Jasmine said...

Thats so sad. Im glad they get to come back though. Im praying that you will have the same turnout..Getting to comeback. You all are such great brothers and sisters. And i hope only the best for you and your little family there. :) Thanks for the constant updates, i love it!