Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh happy days...

Mark and I came home from service yesterday with big smiles on our dials! We had our first study with Flora - we had found her before the remodelation and then never again. (Turns out she had been away in the country for 2 months). Anyway just shows persistence pays off because when we got to her house at the arranged time after finding her the other day - her brother was also there and we studied with the both of them. Another cool thing was that we really did ok with the language thing - not struggling at all. Carlos expressed an interest in coming to the meeting too last night and we were really hoping he would turn up but sadly he didn't. Who knows though he could have gotten lost so we will make sure we draw him a map for next time. We go back to them on Tuesday night as Carlos works from 6 am - 7pm everyday. I said I hoped he wouldn't be too tired and he said it didn't matter because he really wants to learn what the bible says.
Then we walked over to another call and when we got there - another sister was already there! Blow I thought (especially as she already has 21 studies) but then realized she was talking with the mother and my lady was inside the shop - so we went and talked with her. She would like to study too so we had a very successful morning!
That's really what it is all about - coming home exhausted from walking but so happy to have been productive.


kambelina said...

my dear Beth,
thank you so much for your blogs, it keeps me looking forward to the time when I get to go back down.. Of course I am sad that you won't be there, but that just means I'll have to try and make it to NZ. Love you lots, miss you lots,

The Scottys said...
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The Scottys said...

Ive just caught up with all your blogs this morning.
Things been a little crazy here,
but not as crazy as yours!
Im so going to miss reading about all your amazing experiences and life in ecuador.
But im sure we will hear lots more when you get back to NZ.
Paul and vanessa are away in rotorua at pioneer school what a privilege and blessings they all are going to recieve.
*Julie P hope you feeling much better mate!