Friday, September 10, 2010

And a great time was had by all...

...but probably mostly by me! 
Mark, Chad and Michele have been helping the Ochoa family build a Garage on their property so they have been very busy all week while Amanda and I have been out in service. It seems to me that we have not been in a routine since at least 6 weeks before we left New Zealand so this week has been awesome - being able to get some sort of normal life going. I have just come home from climbing the mountains and although it makes me very tired (need my siesta) I am extremely satisfied with everything. I placed 2 mags and a book this morning, did 2 doorstep studies with calls and made arrangements to take back 2 bibles to different people - and the best part about it - my partner did not have to help me out at all with my presentations. 2 weeks of intense spanish training in pioneer school must have paid off!
Anyway off to grab forty winks now - hasta luego!


Chad and Michele said...

We are glad that SOMEONE in the family is getting some time in for the new service year!!! Can we borrow some of it? hahahaha Good job Beth!!! Glad you have had some good days in service!

Tom & Elaine Plank said...

Your inspiring more people than you know! Maybe there is hope for us, since you are know the "Espanol
Maestra". Muy Bien.

ArtfeltDesigns said...

Hola mi hermana...
I love reading your blog; it's so encouraging & interesting. I am living in Cuenca vicariously through you:)
BTW, what part of NZ are you from?
There was a couple that lived here in the States a few years & they moved to Wellington. Carl & Beverly Meyers from So.Africa.
Service sounds wonderful in EC; maybe I'll get there someday.
Your Sis in NH, USA
Linda Struble

Melanie said...

Yo! Fefe Hake?? I'm soo sorry I haven't written you guys but we haven't had internet access, and now that I'm at home I forgot your addy!! hehe, but I've got a computer now so all will be good. I'm great and it sounds like you guys are having awesome fun as well!!
I will email when I get home - im in palmy this weekend.
Miss you guys, have fun! Mel xxx

Damaris said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious!