Saturday, September 4, 2010

Do we look like we are sad it is all over?

Well it's over  and we survived! It was a very intensive 2 weeks - not only all the study involved but also listening and (trying) to talk Spanish for the whole time - it was like a spanish class! 
Marco y Mayra - he was the 2nd intructor

C.O. - Manuel y Ester (from Spain)
So now we can get back to normal - but then hey what is normal around here. Mark is giving a talk tonight in Amanda's congregation so that should be interesting. He says he's ready but I am not too sure - it remains to be seen.

Monday is the official start of our new congregation so we are excited for that to get underway. It will no doubt mean lots of work for Mark but that's what we are here for. Let the games begin...

For all those worried about our family and friends in NZ after the big quake - reports from home (our family mostly live in the North Island and the quake was in the South Island) say that everyone is fine and not too much damage done to their houses. I was extremely pleased to hear that too.

PS back home from the meeting and Mark did an awesome job - one of the sisters came and told me she was impressed that he read the scriptures with the right emphasis etc. So I really shouldn't have worried!

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The Kinlocher's said...

well done to you all - only you could get the group to do a crazy shot.
Good on you Mark - so did you have an interpreter?