Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cooking lesson: Temales!

STEP ONE:  Take some washed banana leaves and deal to them

STEP TWO: Cook up some interesting ingredients

 STEP THREE: Put everything into the aforementioned banana leaves
STEP FOUR: Into a pot to steam

STEP FIVE: Wait patiently
STEP SIX: Enjoy (while feeling a little guilty that your wife is home sick!)

 I was really looking forward to Saturday afternoon - we had been invited to make Temales - but sadly I have had the dreaded South American Belly (known in NZ as Dehli Belly) and have not been able to leave the house for 3 days. While great for weight loss - not so great for the social life! Anyway Mark represented for us and he did a good job taking photos for me. The sisters must have had a laugh when  he turned up with 2 lbs of lamb instead of  the 2 lbs of peas they had asked for- I really don't know how I got those instructions so wrong - the words don't even sound alike!


Chad and Michele said...

MMMMMMMM...I am sooo jealous! Sorry to hear that you are sick, Beth. But, jealous of Mark being able to eat the tamales!!!! Missing you guys terribly. And, by the way, don't beat yourself up about the lamb...I can see how you would think sheep from the word for peas!!!!! Hope you feel better soon!

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Thanks Michele - missing you too. Just learnt this morning that the word for peas is indeed similar to sheep (arveja and oveja) so I don't feel so bad - definately easy to get mixed up especially as they first wanted me to bring the pork so I was thinking meat!

The Kinlocher's said...

by Michelle's comment of "MMMMMMMMMM" I take it that temales are quite delicious - but what are interesting ingredients i wonder?

Damaris said...

Hahah! Don't feel bad...when I first got here and went to the market with a friend of mine who had about 2 months of Spanish under her belt we both stood in front of the honey for quite awhile pondering how it could possibly come from sheep! (Miel de oveja anyone???) She had me thoroughly convinced even though it was directly against my better judgement that it could be possible.
And I LOVE Tamales. Wish I knew how to make em :)