Thursday, April 21, 2011

At Kylee's request - Yurapamba!

Yes it looks like paradise and it no doubt is to others but I am now totally over being "The Hostess with the Mostest".  People change their minds like they change their underpants I have decided and while that is ok in most circumstances - when you are running a hotel - it drives you nuts. First you think you are full and so turn people away and then the first lot don't turn up - it's crazy. 8 Ecuadorians arrived tonight - in the middle of a thunderstorm and flooding in some of the rooms - and are they demanding! Finally I said - this is what we have got to offer - if you think you can find a better spot, then be my guest (oh so very sweetly of course). They were ok after that. Shows you gotta be tough with some people! Anyway this time sure will cure me of my desire to run a bed and breakfast.
 Kylee requested photos so here's a few for you to get the feel of the place.
PS Kylee - thanks for your comment and looking forward to seeing you guys real soon xxx Aunty Beth
Reception- where I look very efficent when I sign people in
Judd and Juicy lounge in the bar

Fancy a swim?

One of the Rooms

Elsa. one of the lovely workers - cleaning MY room - arrrh the joys of having personal maids!


Martin in Bolivia said...

Welcome to the real world Beth! Yes it is a pain, but that's people... I think you need to charge more and then that weeds out the problem people, and compensates for the ones that seem to want more than you can reasonably offer.

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

You are right Martin - I am a little naive as to this kind of thing - however I am pleased to say I survived the 8 Ecuadorians ok - they even kissed me goodbye!
only had to serve breakfast to a young american couple - who were happy to eat something that wasn't served with rice - so I am tired but happy to have coped.

ps - I'm so glad I have nothing to do with the prices - just have to say here is your bill!

Kylee said...

Thanks! Now I can picture it when you are talking about it. :)
Cant wait to see you when you're back.

The Kinlocher's said...

Just found these pictures - have not been on your blog for a whole week - so have had a bit of catching up to do.

good pictures - had a chat with a amanda yesterday - had had trouble connecting to you.

enjoy your last few days on your own (with the dogs of course!)

Have you started your countdown yet?