Friday, April 29, 2011

Told you I was spoiling the dogs - I brought them some bones and boiled them up for a treat for them the other day. Have only been giving them one to chew on daily and left the others in the fridge. I had a headache today so wasn't up to doing much and told the worker to help herself to lunch from the fridge and you guessed it - it was the dogs bones she ate! Bit sad really that the scraggy bit of meat was what she was accustomed to eating aye?

There has been a terrible thunder storm here tonight with the power going off and on all night. Poor old Judd is terrified of thunder so has been beside himself. I had actually put them in their house at one stage and locked the gate hoping they would go to sleep. I nearly died of fright myself when there was frantic banging on the door - Judd had somehow gotten out of the cage and in a panic, was begging to be let inside. Poor guy was shaking and took awhile to calm down. I had to go out and get Juicy and now they are sleeping beneath my chair - I have no show of getting them back into their house tonight.
Oh well that's the news from my little part of the world - it's goodnight then from me, Judd and Juicy (who by the way need a bath- STIN-KEY!)

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