Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it!

Tomorrow we are taking off again to the Jungle (El Oriente). This time to Tena which you will recognise as one of the places we took the boys to visit.

While we were there, staying in a Lodge, owned by witnesses, I made the remark that if they were ever wanting to go away and needed someone to watch over the place - to yell out. Well they did and while the timing is not great, because of the Memorial etc - we are looking forward to the experience.

Tena is about 10 hours away by bus so we will leave early tomorrow morning. Mark and Amanda will have to return of course, to attend the Memorial here in Cuenca but I will be up there the whole time (about a month).

If you are interested in looking the place up, just to see how much we will be slumming it, or to make a booking - click here :


mominlebanon said...

Aw, what a sacrifice! Haha. I liked the hammock, waterfall and the idea of an exotic cocktail drink. All three at the same time sounds like a cure-all for just about anything!

Damaris said...

That is super super super cool!! Have fun!

Marisa said...

Looks gorgeous! :)