Saturday, April 16, 2011

I survived the first night of "I'm a Needgreater-get me out of here!"

Yep I am all alone - Mark and Amanda left yesterday so it was just me and the dogs left - well that is not strictly true, there are many visitors. No not the two legged paying variety - I am talking about all the bugs, frogs and spiders!(I think frogs are cool by the way so when one jumped out from under the dishrack, I was fasinated rather than scared). Last night - the biggest spider I have ever seen ambled across the floor in front of me, it wasn't a tarantula but some other kind - and he didn't actually freak me out that much, he was quite beautiful really. I just opened up the screen door and he mosy on-ed out. Of course I would have liked to take a picture of him to show you but running to get my camera would have meant taking my eyes off him and I really wanted to know where he was going - I am sure you will understand.
So that was Challenge #1 and I think I passed. I also passed challenge #2 - cleaning up dog poo in the billiard room - little brats used under the table TWICE as their bathroom.
However I think I failed challenge #3 - the dogs chased into the kitchen area a chicken that happened to wander into the property and I couldn't pick the bird up with the dogs all excited - so I grabbed them both and took them off to their pen. No easy feat in their frenzy to get the chicken. My arms are covered in scratches from their sharp little claws (adding to the red welts of mosquito bites). Anyway I finally captured Miss Chicky and with the dogs howling their protests -took her over to the neighbors and asked them if she belonged to them. According to the lady she was - but I have my doubts because there weren't any other chickens running in the yard. That's really not important now though, because after letting the dogs back out and going to have a 5 minute sit down to calm myself - I went back outside to find a DEAD CHICKEN at the door! The dogs looked at me very smuggly I thought! Poor little bird - and she didn't even get a good burial - I scooped her up into a dustpan (with my eyes shut) and threw her over the fence into some bush. 
So am I kicked off the show?


Amanda said...

Wow sounds like your really in the jungle. Don't worry I'll be back soon.

Aaron said...

and ill be there soon too. oh wait.... youll be here before im there!

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

you passed ok, next time tie the dogs to the chiken it might put them off chasing them next time, any way it was probably that little girl she has been scrappy this week. ill be back sunday.(ur husband)

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Oh that's a good idea Mark - considering I couldn't even look at the bird when I scooped it into the shovel! I can just see myself tying it around Juicy's neck - should I put a pretty pink ribbon on it too?

Carol :) said...

No way!!!!!!!!! How brave are you Beth? My word the things you have to do when there is no one to ask :) Megan has a spider phobia, I wonder what she would have done. Dropped dead on the spot I reckon. Keep up the brave deeds and don't worry about the chicken. Prob its own fault.