Wednesday, November 2, 2011

another beach - but it's the one we call home!

So what do you think - awesome sunsets or what in these parts? Have to say the beach here is really pretty so we are very spoiled.

Have been out in service twice now since we arrived - the heat is not as intense (as yet anyway) as I thought it would be - there is a pleasant breeze rolling off the beach so it has been lovely. Yesterday in the territory, we both had a good time and got ourselves some calls to go back on but today was a different story for me. The first house we went to, the sister I was with said to me to start, which I dutifully did. The women agreed with everything I said and was super nice. Well when we came away, I commented that she must have family that are witnesses or something, and the sister said " Oh yes, her husband is a witness" Something that I really would have appreciated knowing at the start!! I was even more embarrassed when I was recounting the story to April, and she told me that the woman herself is actually is an unbaptized publisher! Not a good start - and it didn't really get any better for me as I didn't really trust my companion after that incident! Oh well I suppose I gave them a good laugh!


Damaris said...

No Worries :) Looks beautiful..but we MISS you!

Marisa said...

It looks beautiful! I would love to visit if I can ever afford to. xxx