Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The grass is always greener on the other side

How unappreciative I was of Cuenca and all its conveniences! We have just gotten home from grocery shopping and it took us about the same time as it took Aaron and Amanda to go back to Cuenca (7- 8 hours)! We left at the same time as them this morning (8.30) but  at Jipijapa (pronouced Hippiharpa) they took the bus to Guayaquil, while we went the other way to Manta. 
Here is our itinerary:
5 minute motorbike taxi ride to bus stop
30 minute bus ride to Jijijapa
1 Hour bus ride to Manta (closest decent supermarket)
30 minute walk looking for a money machine
30 minute walk looking for a bathroom
5 minute taxi ride to Supermaxi
15 minute pitstop at KFC
Grocery shopping but only for the amount of stuff we can carry in our hands
5 minute taxi ride back to bus station
1 1/2 hour bus ride back to Puerto Cayo
5 minute motorbike taxi ride to la Casa Blanca!
All this is not counting the waiting for buses to go - we walked back in the door at 4pm! One thing we are quickly realizing here is how great a car would be - dreams are free! 

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[: sarah :] said...

Omg who would have ever thought it would take so long for grocery?! Here in the states tho it's much easier to take for granted.

Just wanted to let u guys know that it's very encouraging to know your story, hopefully I'll be a need greater too when im able!