Friday, November 25, 2011

Pictures around the town

I've been waiting to get some better shots from around town, so as to show you where we live (as requested by Sharon) but actually - this is pretty much all there is....
The most prolific inhabitants of the area - vulchers

The bridge crossing the non existant river - there has not been any significant rain here for 3 years, so while there is no river - at least there is a bit of green to be seen!

The view from the front gate 

Looking towards the town square

Can you spot the donkey on the beach?
Cute Kingdom Hall

Every night, just about, there is a sunset to ogle over!


Damaris said...

Awwww...sunsets! See you guys soon:) I'm super excited!

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

So are we Damaris - it wil be "Such FUN!"

The Planning Manning's said...

Thanks for posting these. Don't know about the donkey on the beach. That's a bit random. Nice to know where you are. X

Marisa said...

Good to see where you live! Thanks for posting these. xxx